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These refuge guides are always a work in progress. They are compiled and updated as we hunt them during the season. We always try to add permanent blinds to the guides, but because waterfowl hunting can be competitive we won’t add spots that others have shared with us.

Nothing will prepare you more than seeing these areas for yourself. I strongly encourage you to scout your intended hunting spots during the daylight hours. One way that works for us is we try to schedule an afternoon hunt to new locations so we aren’t stumbling around in the dark, right at legal shooting time, ruining other people’s hunts, and endangering ourselves.

This is our home refuge and I know it better than the others. It offers a safe and controlled environment and is a perfect place to learn to hunt waterfowl. Despite grumbling among old-timers about newbies flocking here, sometimes the hunting here is pretty great.

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Hunting on the Burbank Slough can be fantastic in the right conditions. Demon winds and cold can add to the challenge. This is a favorite Eastern Washington getaway for our hunting gang here in Southwest Washington.

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Learned local duck hunters will tell you they get some good hunting here, but warn, too, of skybusting yahoos, early-season pheasant hunters, and occasional car break-ins. I’ve hunted it a few times now and have managed to take a few birds.

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Willapa National Wildlife Refuge – Long Beach, WA

Without a dog or a boat you’ve got limited options at Willapa. Still, with new changes to some areas and a couple of new spots for us to try in 2015 we may yet find a coastal honey hole. If not, there’s always oysters and razor clams.

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