McNary NWR

Hunting Log

Late January Hunt in Blind 9 at McNary

McNary offers up Another good mixed bag of ducks with some mallards a specklebelly goose and a bunch of divers. Location: McNary Wildlife Refuge, Fee Hunt Unit, Blind 9 Conditions: Showers early then partly cloudy, cold, shifting winds from South, West, and North Birds Taken: 16 for 3 hunters (3 mallard drakes; 1 mallard hens; 1 green wing teal; 1 specklebelly goose; [...]
Hunting Log

Success and Challenges at McNary

Divers rule the day as McNary serves up lessons in identification and reminds us that we're not as good as we think we are. Location: McNary Wildlife Refuge, Fee Hunt Unit, Blind 6 Conditions: Partly cloudy, cold, breezy from the south Birds Taken: 14 for 2 hunters (1 mallard drake; 1 mallard hen; 1 American wigeon drake; 1 pintail hen; 6 ringnecks; 4 [...]
Hunting Log

An Opening Day Duck Hunt at McNary’s Burbank Slough

McNary once again provides a good mixed bag of ducks, some fantastic opportunities, and retrieval challenges. Location: McNary Wildlife Refuge, Fee Hunt Unit, Blind 13 Conditions: Partly cloudy, warm, light breeze from the south Birds Taken: 12 for 3 hunters (3 mallard drakes; 3 mallard hens; 3 pintail hens; immature ring neck drake; 2 widgeon, 1 immature drake [...]