Tim holds a greenhead in the bay next to Blind 13 at McNary.

Blind 13 is a consistent producer at McNary and often is among the top 3 blinds picked.

Hunting Style

This blind gives you options. Plenty of ducks traverse this area as they take off from the non-hunting portion of the refuge to the north and travel down the hunting slough. It seems to have an advantage over the surrounding blinds, but it does face competition. If the hunters in Blind 2 like to skybust you’re in for a long, frustrating day.

The blind is located on a point and faces West. It’s location on the point means you can set up for a variety of wind conditions, provided that it’s not blowing from the East. You can choose high quality passing shots or wait for ducks to drop into your decoys. Most of the birds will be coming from the North in the morning, so give them something to see on the North side of the point.

If you have four hunters you could even station a couple outside of the blind to try to get birds landing in the bay to the North of the blind.

The water is pretty shallow out in front and to the right of the blind but as with all blinds here it’s best bring a dog, kayak or float tube for retrieves as there are deep channels.

Goose Opportunities

There are limited goose opportunities here. Your only chances might be on low flyovers or with loners.

Blind Details

Blind Details

Type: Scaffold blind on a point facing West.

Pros: Point makes for easy set-ups in almost any wind. Not looking into the sun.

Cons: Competition from nearby blinds, longer walk.

Hunting Log

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