McNary Blind 13

Blind Details

Type: Scaffold blind, overgrown or staked marker .

Pros: You get two choices of location; competition across the slough; looking away from the sun.

Cons: Not the easiest to find in the dark.

2015 Note: When we hunted this blind we found the scaffold overgrown and cleared it out as best we could. We also found a stake with the 13 marker on it farther south at the point. I suspect you could hunt from either spot.

Hunting Log

We got a chance to hunt this blind on the opening day of the 2015/16 season. Although we didn’t know this when we were setting up, Blind 13 at McNary appears to give you two location options for your hunt. There is a marker at the end of a point near a tree and to the north about 40-50 yards in a small cove is an overgrown scaffold blind. Since we didn’t see the marker until later, we hunted out of the scaffold.


Hunting Style

This blind gives you options.Plenty of ducks traverse this area as they take off from the non-hunting portion of the refuge to the north and travel down the hunting slough. Hunting from the point will offer more opportunities on passing birds (see the map in the photos below). You could set up on that point, standing in the grass or sitting on a chair or bucket, and, depending on the wind, choose to hunt one side of the point or the other. Hunting from the scaffold in the cove gives you a chance to lure birds in to a spread as they curl around the point, but won’t give you as many looks at passing birds. If you choose to hunt the cove, pay close attention to your shooting windows as you can easily drop birds into the high tules around you, worsening your chances for a retrieve. Closer to the point at the northern end of the cove the mud gets thick and can hamper retrieves if you don’t have a dog. We had our best luck bringing nearly all of our decoys along the shoreline save for three mallards floating about 10 yards into the slough. Wind ducks work well here, too.

Goose Opportunities

There are limited goose opportunities here. Your only chances might be on low flyovers or with loners.

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