Looking at Blind 2 from the water.

Blind 2 at Ridgefield sits in the northeast side of a relative large pond. It’s a pit blind with a 2-man concrete vault and a 1-man cylinder. When the water is higher it forms its own little island and can be hard to spot in the dark if you have not scouted it.

Since it does not have a cover over it be prepared to bring some camouflage material or forage for your own to give you some adequate cover in the blind. If there are some branches laying around in the parking lot grab a couple as you pack out.

Hunting Style

This blind was my first waterfowl hunt ever! I’ve since hunted one other time and it appears to be a really fun blind to hunt on the right day.

Take advantage of the blind’s location at the end of a lot of water and treed corridor that extends south, past blinds 1a and 3. Birds will traverse this water or look to land in other parts of the pond, so entice them  with a jerk rig and some quick calling. We placed decoys in a crescent around the blind, but I suspect a V pattern or J hook would work well, too. Keep the channel to the right of the blind open and you will be rewarded with quality passing shots as ducks use it as a flyway.

Since this blind lies near the end of all this water you need to work to get the ducks’ attentions, so perhaps a wind duck might work for this as well.

Goose Opportunities

I think they’re pretty limited here as you might get some shots on low overhead geese or a loner but it’s not close to the roosting and resting areas to the South end of the refuge. Also, nearby blinds will shoot at overhead birds, even if they are turning to check you out. Put out some floaters and hope for the best on some passersby.

Blind 2 Pit
The pit and cylinder at Blind 2, which is an island blind.
The walk into Blind 2 features some waist-high water in places.
Blind 2 Facing South
Blind 2 Facing North
Blind 2 Cylinder

Blind Details

Type: pit, 2-person vault and 1-person cylinder.

Pros: Medium walk; OK location; lots of water, a little less pressure from nearby blinds.

Cons: No cover over the pits so packs some in; longer shots because of bigger water; need ways to attract ducks looking at bigger water to the south; few goose opportunities.

Hunting Log

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