Blind 12 is located just Southwest of the check station. This blind has been a really great choice during the first month or two of the season. After that, I found this blind to be really hit and miss.

It is a short walk straight back East on the road and then walk along the irrigation ditch South to the dike. It is a straight easy walk, especially with one of the borrowed jet sleds.

The blind is a pit blind located on a point in the beginning of the season. Late season once the water comes up I believe this would be an island. There is a lot of vegetation in the area which may dictate where your decoys can be spread. Smaller spreads with motion should be the ticket to get birds to take a look. However don’t expect birds to cup up and commit here. There are an abundance of Shovelers that will circle this blind and if they pass on it they will go down in the big water to the North near the road. That big water holds a lot of Coot, Shovelers, and Widgeon which draws birds near for a look but it is really hard to compete with live birds on a refuge.

When I have hunted this blind I found myself making changes to the spread throughout the day. Do not expect one thing to work all day. We brought out 3 dozen mixed decoys, but at one point in the morning only had 1 dozen in front of us and another half behind us filling a hole we did not want the birds landing in. Reading the birds and making changes is crucial here.

Goose Opportunities

Given the amount of competition all around it, you won’t get many opportunities at geese here.

Blind Details

Type: Pit, 3 person

Pros: Easy walk on mostly dry path. Good early season pick.

Cons: A lot of competition from nearby blinds and a large body of water to the north that pulls birds away from it.

Hunting Log