Blind 3 at Ridgefield
The last time we hunted this blind it has a hole in the front of it to allow a dog to leap out of it.

Blind 3 at Ridgefield sits in a grove of trees on small pond close to the auto tour route on the north side of the refuge. It’s a box blind on stilts that will seat three hunters.

I’ve hunted this blind a couple of times since 2018, both earlier in the season when it tends to perform a little better. One was a good hunt and in the other we got skunked.

Hunting Style

Its location off to the side of a large body of water (by refuge standards) means you’ll need to work at attracting ducks to it. Movement in your spread supplied by a jerk rig or wind duck works well here. You may get some passing shots at ducks, especially at those that don’t want to commit to landing.

I like that the blind has a lot of natural cover. But the biggest challenge with this blind are the submerged grass clumps. When setting decoys and retrieving beware. You can rise or drop 2 feet in one step so beware if you have mobility challenges.

Goose Opportunities

You probably won’t get much, since any low flyovers will get blasted by nearby blinds.

Blind 3 Looking Out
Blind 3 sits on stilts in the tree line so you're above the water. This is looking out from the blind. Blind 1a is in the nearer tree line just out of frame to the right.

Blind Details

Type: box, 3-person

Pros: Great cover; relatively short walk

Cons: Does not produce consistent numbers, but can be productive. Lots of submerged trip hazards.

Hunting Log

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